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Cock Pumper
If you have a problem achieving an erection, a cock pumper, aka a penis pump will definitely help you with an erection. They create a vacuum on the penis thus drawing extra blood in to your shaft and creating an erection, it likely will be only temporary. Most of us with ED problems will need a good cock ring to keep the excess blood in the penis shaft. Cock rings come in a verity of sizes and made of different materials, I suggest you stay away from the metal rings, they can cause a problem, one that's easy on easy off is your best bet. If you swell up more than you anticipated, getting a metal one off becomes an issue. Another warning, don't buy a cheap pump, they seldom will have a good seal around your cock, no seal, no vacuum and no erection. I'm not too keen on a cock pumper as a masturbation device, we have great mens masturbators available that has a very realistic feel and will definitely get you off. If you're looking for a permanent solution for increasing the size of your cock, I don't believe a penis pump will do that, but will definitely help get an erection. If you have a pump with a bad seal, we have just the seal along with other pump accessories. There are hundreds of different pumps available, the ones listed below are a few that I believe will accomplish the task you need it to with spending hundreds of dollars.

Enhance Travel Pump SystemEnhance Travel Pump
Whether you want a cock pumper that's convenient for traveling or just a device to help you achieve an erection, this one will work very well for you. Be sure to watch the informational video, it shows and explains how it will work for you and helps you decide which product best suits your needs. It comes with an excellent cock ring and a travel/storage bag. These products will help you, take advantage and enjoy it.
Quick Draw Vacuum PumpQuick Draw Penis Pump
This new pump handle design has an easy to use pistol grip that creates a super strong vacuum with just a few quick pulls. It has a high quality 9 inch clear cylinder with flanged base and precise result measurements in inches and cm, a removable snug latex sleeve seal and a flexible non-crimping hose with a push button safety release valve. It also has an excellent cock ring with a video.
Automatic Sta-Hard PumpAutomatic Sta-Hard Pump
You don't have a manual squeeze pump with this one, it has a battery powered motor that does the work, not that it would be hard to do. It has a clear cylinder with flanged base and measurements  with a flexible non-crimping detachable hose. It has a good seal and an automatic quick vacuum release button.
Cock Pumper w/ Pistol GripCock Pumper w/ Pistol Grip
This device was developed as a safe, affordable and non-surgical alternative. Just insert your penis into the vacuum cylinder tube, squeeze the pistol-grip handle, and watch your penis swell with power! The soft PVC sleeve forms a perfectly tight seal against the skin and creates a powerful vacuum inside the chamber, forcing an erection.
Dr. Joel Kaplan pump systemDr. Joel Kaplan pump system
You can use this cock pumper to help reverse shrinkage due to age, help correct mild curvature, resolve premature ejaculation, and build confidence and self esteem. It has a hand trigger vacuum pump, a hand made expansive cylinder and connector hose, erection enhancing bands, a penis leather strap, and lubricant. It also has an air pressure gauge which allows you to monitor the amount of pressure being applied.
Extreme Overdrive PumpExtreme Overdrive Pump
This penis pump is battery operated with an easy to operate pump. It has 4 stretchy cock rings that are included. It has everything you need to get started except batteries. This is a good system that will instantly help you gain an erection allowing you to perform the way you did when you were younger minus the quick ejaculations.  It won't permanently increase your penis size, but if you're like me,  an erection makes me and my wife happy.
Pump Worx Deluxe Fire PumpPump Worx Deluxe Fire Pump
Remember the rigid hard ons you use to have back in the day? We'll never be like again but at least there are devices that can help us. A cock pumper is just an aid that will allow us to continue to please our sexual partner, take advantage of the tools that modern science has made available. Just a few years ago we didn't have the opportunity to order discreet items.
Master gauge penis pumpMaster gauge penis pump
This model has an embedded gauge that gives you an accurate readout of the current pressure in the cylinder. It has a clear vacuum tube to let you view your progress, while a non-kinking hose allows for easy maneuverability. The soft seal on the end of the cylinder conforms to your base for maximum results. with a quick release valve to instantly remove suction.
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